About Us

The journey started in 2020 while in isolation from the pandemic. During this time I was able to put a focus on myself and how I wanted to leave my impact on the world. I have always had an interest in keeping my own personal and self care in check, so I felt it was only right to create my own lane in that space. 

I began growing out my beard during the pandemic and tried many products that could help in my grooming process. None of the products I tried gave me a sense of satisfaction with how it made my beard look and feel. Most of them gave me beard itch and also made my skin dry and flaky. So, I decided to formulate my own beard oil that would work for me. After countless attempts, I was able to come up with the perfect natural ingredients that would benefit the growth of my beard. It made my hair softer, reduced itchiness, and I was able to see improvements in growth over a couple months. I then decided to build a business to help others experience the benefits of grooming as well. 

In building Kilam Men’s Care, I feel it is important to give back to the male community with information and products that could help in their own personal care journey. Our products allow men to experience the process of self care and can help boost confidence in the long run. I also want to show other men, no matter the race, religion, or other differences, that it is important to take care of yourself so you can transfer that good feeling towards others. I chose to do this through personal care because if you feel good about yourself, it is more likely that you will have a positive attitude towards life in general.

At Kilam, we believe in the development of men’s confidence through self improvement, men being able to value themselves, and men finding purpose in their lives.


We believe in empowering men to realize their own potential. Our products were created with the mission to help build men's confidence through grooming & learning about men's care.



-Israel Wallace
Owner, Founder, CEO